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Yaletown Vodka
40% Alcohol Content

Yaletown Distilling Company Vodka is made from 2 ROW malted barley from the Peace River Valley and Vanderhoof British Columbia. This BC grain gives Yaletown Vodka its distinct fruity nose and its remarkably smooth taste. The malted barley is milled, washed, fermented and distilled in the heart of Yaletown.
Tasting Notes


  • Clarity denotes purity in vodka, hold it up to the light and see the strikingly clear product that we have produced


  • The nose of our signature vodka carries a strong fruitful aromas with hints of caramel


  • Clean, not harsh or burning on the palate
  • Soft with hints of caramel and fruit flavours
  • Buttery, our hand crafted vodka has a very creamy texture – similar to that of traditional Russian vodkas
Yaletown Gin
42% Alcohol Content

This complex and aromatic Gin is distilled with eight different botanicals using a unique vapor distillation process. It has a round sweetness but a delicate and bitter finish.

Tasting Notes

Yaletown Artisan Gin begins with our own base spirit produced with all BC grains and redistilled with wild crafted botanicals from the 4 corners of the globe. Juniper from Italy, Coriander from India, and Grains of Paradise from West Africa to name just a few. This aromatic London Dry style gin is fruity and spicy with a gentile sweetness from an addition liquorice root and subtle bitter finish lent by the careful use of bitter almonds.



Yaletown Vodka

  1. The BC grown grain (Barley and Wheat), which gives Yaletown Vodka its distinct fruity nose, is first milled in our artesian distillery located in the heart of Yaletown.
  2. The grain is then steeped hot with water to convert the grain starches to sugar to then be extracted. The subsequent sugar filled and flavourful liquid termed “wort” is then fermented in 1000L fermentation tanks.
  3. After several days of fermentation the liquid is transferred to the pot of our still and the distillation process begins. This first distillation strips the wash and purifies flavours and alcohol.
  4. It is then distilled for a second time to ensure the premium product meets our standard.
  5. In the final stage the remarkably smooth spirit is bottled and labeled by hand.
Yaletown Gin

  1. In the Distilling process, two distillations produce a neutral spirit but to produce Yaletown Gin it requires three distillations to achieve the complex and aromatic product.
  2. On the third distillation herbs and spices are added to the still pot before distillation begins. Heat and alcohol during this final distillation extract flavours and aromas from these ingredients.
  3. Yaletown Gin is then bottled and labeled by hand.



About Us: The Yaletown Distilling Company

After almost 20 years of making fresh beer at the Yaletown Brewing Company and pioneering the craft beer movement in Vancouver, it was an organic expansion for the Mark James Group to lead the way in artesian distilling. Launched on Repeal Day December 5th, 2013 marking the anniversary for the end of prohibition, the Yaletown Distilling Company is honouring the tradition of distilling by producing premium handcrafted spirits

The Tasting Room

Situated in the heart of Yaletown in the historic Soho Building, the Tasting Room of the The Yaletown Distilling Company offers guided tastings, tours and a full retail outlet to purchase a quality bottled spirit or liqueur.



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